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Diamond sawing

Diamond sawing enables to provide you with the rectangular openings you need. It is the easiest and fastest method for new windows and doorways, rectangular ventilation pipes etc. The surfaces cut are smooth and do not need processing.

We mount lintels for windows and doorways if required.

Special conditions:
  1. Transport outside Tallinn 0.29 €/km (4.50 EEK/km)
  2. The price is 20-100% higher in case of constructions that contain reinforcement with a diameter larger than 12 mm or with a spacing less than 150 mm
  3. Hourly work (workman+spiker) 19.18 €/h (300 EEK/h)
  4. Water suction on the object 12.79 €/day (200 EEK/day)
  5. Customer has to provide scaffolding for working at heights more than 2.5 m
  6. Parking in paid parking zone according to current tariff rates
  7. Minimum charge is 60€ (938.80 EEK) within the borders of Tallinn, value-added tax 20% will be added


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